Bali has a lot of different activities to offer everywhere on the island. It is possible to experience world’s best yoga lessons, rent a bike or a scooter and do road-trip or catch some of the best waves in the world by surfing. Also, there are many good shopping and spa opportunities as well as great scuba diving spots and hiking areas.


Watersports play a big role in Bali. On this island it is possible to surf some of the best waves in the world and dive the most gorgeous spots. Bali is known worldwide for its warm waters and waves with different levels. The waves serve both the beginners and more experienced surfers. Here you will find many beautiful beaches where to surf from sunrise to sunset. For example, Kima Surf offers surf guiding with experience of 20 years. You can choose between five surf camps and enjoy surf guiding tailored to your skill level.


Bali has become the center of wellness. Nowadays it is possible to learn yoga almost everywhere on the island. Class prices vary a lot depending on the level, type of yoga and studios in Bali, however the average price for single classes is between 100 000 IDR to 120 000 IDR. There are also many different types of spas where you can relax and have the best massages.


There are many attractions and places worth to visit in Bali. Attractions include temples, local art, lush rainforests and rice fields in the central parts of the island, but also many different beaches and waterfalls. For example, trip to Ubud is great for those who want to see a lot on the same day. Sacred Monkey Forest is perhaps one of Ubud’s most famous places. Playful monkeys are just one reason to visit this protected area, more impressive reason is the rain forest landscape with several old gorgeous temples. Green rice fields are the most typical landscape in Bali. Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud offers a beautiful view for visitors. There is also some souvenir sellers and small local villages nearby. Ubud Art Market, located in the heart of Udud, offers handmade products made by locals.


General Informations

Bali is clearly the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It is a small island located in Asia, eight degrees south of the equator. Bali has a population around of 4,5 million with a surface area of 5,632 km2. Bali has a different time zone than Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Here the time is one hour ahead. Numerous attractions and different sport opportunities combined with a healthy lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere will give an unforgettable experience on this small but heartfelt island. 


It is possible to spend a lot of money in Bali but there is also a chance to live with less. The average cost of living in Bali is much lower than most of the countries. Many things will affect how much money is spent on this island. Moving around, shopping and eating in local places can be very cheap. Main tourist streets and fancy cafes and restaurants are more expensive. ATMs are common in Bali and it is easy way to exchange money.


There are many excellent food options in Bali. Bali has numerous amounts of small and cute cafes and different restaurants where you can find a lot of vegetarian options, for example. Local restaurants, called as Warungs, offers food with very affordable prices. A meal including rice, chicken and salad can cost only a few euros. Also, fresh fruits bought from the local markets are very cheap and delicious.


Traffic in Bali is left-hand. Moving is slow, roads can be narrow and the distances can take more time than they seem because of the traffic. Even though moving is slow, it is cheap. For example, taxis in Bali are much cheaper than most of the places, especially Blue Bird taxis which are the most honest ones. However, the best and the fastest way to get around in Bali is renting a motorcycle or scooter which will cost about 700 000 IDR per month depending on the type. It is important to have an international driving license which you will have to apply for your home country.


Nowadays many places like restaurants, cafes and hotels offers a free WIFI access. Sometimes the connection can be slow because of all the other users. The best way to make sure that internet connection is good most of the times is to get a local Prepaid SIM Card. SIM Cards can be bought at the airport, but they can be much cheaper in the main tourist streets. The main SIM Card provider in Bali is Telkomsel


Bali is fairly safety and easy to travel but like in any destination there are some weaknesses. The traffic can be wild in the build-up areas like Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar. Numerous motorcycles and cars slow down traffic and sometimes cause accidents. Travelers’ should always have travel insurance and international driving license. In addition to traffic, it is necessary to beware of thieves. Bags and phones can be easily stolen from tourists. It is important to always keep bags and phones close. Walking alone in the dark is not recommended because of the thieves.


Emergency numbers: Police – (112) Ambulance – (118) Fire department – (113)

Beautiful young smiling female doctor sitting in her consulting room using phone and working on laptop.


Small injuries and general health problems are easily treated in Bali. Many are concerned about infectious diseases, but very rarely, those cause serious illness. Mosquitos in Bali do not carry malaria risk, but it is wise to protect yourself and consider sleeping under the mosquito net. It is recommended to take a few vaccines before traveling. All travelers should be vaccinated against hepatitis A. Recommended vaccines are against typhoid, rabies and tetanus. Always remember to avoid contact with stray animals and monkeys in order to decrease the risks of being bitten. Tourists must have insurance that it is possible to get medical treatment in case of injuries.


Bali belly is common among tourists and it can be caused by many things, for example, bacteria in local food or drinking local water. It is recommended to avoid drinking local water in all cases, even washing your teeth with local water can cause Bali belly. Symptoms of Bali belly include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and possible mild temperature. Usually it will go away in a few days but in some cases it might take longer. It is good to seek medical advice if the symptoms persist for several days. To avoid Bali belly, it would be good to use lactic acid bacteria daily but in case you will get Bali belly, great self-care medication is to drink coconut water.



Bali is a dream destination for students. Warm and welcoming people with tropical atmosphere offers a unique experience for exchange students. Even though Bali is mainly known as one the most popular tourist destination, there are many reasons to study in Bali.


Rich culture and incredibly diverse nature are the reasons why Bali is so interested and wanted. Bali fascinates more and more students from all over the world and thereby studying in Bali is a great opportunity to expand international network and make new friends. Students from many countries and different cultures share their lifestyle and mindsets. There is a lot of different activities for students as well as great party opportunities. Also, spending money wisely allows travelling easily to near countries and islands.


Warmadewa University was founded in 1984 and it is located in Renon, one of the main areas in Denpasar. The private university currently has 7 faculties, 19 programs and over 10 000 students. Warmadewa’s modern campus is only a short walk away from the white beaches of Sanur.


Autumn semester: September – December

The application period ends at the end of May


Spring semester: April – July

The application period ends at the end of January


Udayana University is one Indonesia’s leading educational and research universities. Udayana University, founded in 1962, is the biggest and most traditional university in Bali. It has 13 different faculties where study approximately 22 000 students. The university has two campuses, one located in Jimbaran and the other in Denpasar, the capital. Udayna University is an internationally known university and its faculties have foreign partners in all continents.


Autumn semester: September – December

The application period ends at the end of April


Spring semester: January – May

The application period ends at the end of October.



Bali has a tropical climate all year round and a daily temperature is around 30 degrees. The coastal areas are hotter than inland and mountain areas can be even a bit cool. Bali’s environment is rich, and it varies from large rice fields and volcanic mountains to beaches and rainforests. Rainy season is between October and March and dry season from April to September. During the rainy season there can be floods and the road conditions can be bad. Even though, usually the sun shines from cloudless sky and the rain only takes a few minutes.



Bali has a great and colorful nightlife where everyone can find something for themselves. Opportunities can be found from beach clubs to actual nightclubs and from small bars to big festivals. It is possible to find awesome parties almost everywhere in Bali. Kuta is the main tourist destination in Bali and there is the wildest nightlife with many different discos and pubs. Legian is similar to Kuta, but it is a bit calmer. However, Legian’s nightlife is pretty lively and there are many clubs and smaller bars. In Canggu and Seminyak, there are some great beach clubs where daily parties last almost all day around.


Bali has many different events throughout the year, something for everyone. In every month it is possible to participate in more and more interesting events in all cities.There is possible to find options from food festivals to cultural parties and art festivals.


The best beach clubs:                            The wildest nightclubs:


Sky Garden – Kuta                                    Sky Garden – Kuta                                                        

Potato Head – Seminyak                         Sky Dome Super Club – Legian

Finns beach club – Canggu                    Velvet & Hypnotized – Kuta

Old man’s – Canggu                                 OPIVM – Seminyak

Omnia – Uluwatu                                      Deus – Canggu

                                                                     X-Bar – Canggu


The best rooftop bars:


Rock Bar – Jimbaran

Haute rooftop – Seminyak

Grow Up Rooftop – Seminyak

Skylight Rooftop Bar – Kuta

Bali Holidays

There are some important holidays that everyone who travels in Bali should know. Nyepi, called as Day of Silence, is a New Year’s Day celebrated by Hindus. Day concentrates on quietness and tranquility: roads are empty, as people are expected to stay at home, traveling is forbidden, and all entertainments and activities are closed. During this day it would be respectable even for tourists to stay in. Nyepi is celebrated each year on a slightly different day in March.


Ramadan is a celebration during which Muslims fast. Ramadan lasts for a month; it starts on Sunday 5thMay and end on Tuesday 4thJune. In Bali, the Muslim month of Ramadan does not have significant difference in normal life, but some offices can be close during that time, and after Ramadan most offices and places can be closed for a week.